The Deep Learning
Development Platform

Hardware is no longer a barrier. Build, optimize, and deploy models that deliver outstanding performance.

Boost Accuracy & Inference Performance

Instantly achieve accuracy & runtime performance that outperform SoTA models for any use case and inference hardware.

Shorten Development Time

Reach production faster with automated tools. No more endless iterations and dozens of different libraries.

Maximize Your Hardware Potential

Scale up with existing hardware. No need for infrastructure changes and extra costs. Gain up to 80% reduction in compute costs.

The First Deep Learning Production-Aware Platform

The Deci platform actively takes into account production constraints in the development process, such as latency, throughput and model size to dramatically increase your success rate in production.

Accelerated by Revolutionary Technology

Deci provides you with unmatched end-to-end accuracy-preserving inference acceleration for your neural models on the edge, mobile, or cloud.

AI Made by AI
with AutoNAC™

Deci’s platform is powered by AutoNAC (Automated Neural Architecture Construction) technology, our proprietary algorithmic optimization engine that squeezes the most out of any hardware. The AutoNAC engine contains a neural architecture search (NAS) component that revises a given trained model to optimally speed up its runtime, while preserving the model’s baseline accuracy.

Works Seamlessly with the Deep Learning Ecosystem

We made sure you can use the framework and tools of your choice. Deci is accessible through a beautiful and friendly UI or a simple API with full documentation and support.

Join the Brightest Deep Learning Leaders

Join the Brightest Deep Learning Leaders

"By collaborating with Deci, we aim to help our customers accelerate AI innovation and deploy AI solutions everywhere using our industry-leading platforms, from data centers to edge systems that accelerate high-throughput inference."

Arti Garg

Head of Advanced AI Solutions & Technologies, HPE

“At RingCentral, we strive to provide our customers with the best AI-based experiences. With Deci’s platform, we were able to exceed our deep learning performance goals while shortening our development cycles. Working with Deci allows us to launch superior products faster.”

Vadim Zhuk

Senior Vice President R&D, RingCentral

"Deci exceeded our expectations in achieving aggressive targets for reducing latency and memory usage on TPU edge hardware in a test environment, all while preserving BriefCam’s high standard for accuracy."

Yogev Wallach

Sr. Product Manager, BriefCam

“Deci delivers optimized deep learning inference on Intel processors as highlighted in MLPerf, allowing our customers to meet performance SLAs, reduce cost, decrease time to deployment, and gives them the ability to effectively scale.”

Monica Livingston

AI Solutions and Sales Director, Intel

"With Deci we were able to get 6.4x higher throughput on our detection model. Its easy-to-use platform allowed us to quickly optimize and benchmark for choosing our best configuration of hardware and parameters."

Santiago Tamagno

CTO, UNX Digital by Grupo Prominente

"The classification model I uploaded and integrated using Infery achieved a 33% performance boost, which is very cool for 10 minutes of work!"

Amir Zait

Algorithm Developer, Sight Diagnostics

"We are excited to be working with Deci's platform - it provided amazing results and achieved 4.6x acceleration on a model we ran in production and helped us provide faster service to our customers.”

Daniel Shichman

CEO, WSC Sports Technologies

“With Deci, we increased by 2.6x the inference throughput of one of our multiclass classification models running on V100 machines - without losing accuracy. Deci can cut 50% off the inference costs in our cloud deployments worldwide.”

Chaim Linhart

CTO and Co-Founder, IBEX Medical Analysis

“Deci’s AISO [AI software optimization] is suitable for both training and inference modes. Deci has advanced innovation in search for optimal neural network architectures. The solution excels in every area of our assessment."

Michael Azoff

Chief Analyst, Kisaco Research

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